Channeling Blog 

Message from the Counsel of Light

We are the counsel of Light in the highest levels
and we want to support you beloved humans on this planet now, in this special precious time. All is exactly right how it is, you are so loved and supported and we are watching over you sending you so much blessings, energy and light for your highest purpose to fulfill here on this wonderful planet earth.

Use this time to be in stillness and to connect with us, the counsel of light, that we can work more intense with you to fulfill you with light, to fulfill you with love, to fulfill you also with wisdom, to manage this special time in joy and relaxation, the best possible.

We love to be with you, to guide you, to be at your side whenever you wish, call up on us and we are there, watching you carefully, seeing every step you take. We connect you with your heart, to expand it and we would like to do a little exercise with you.
Put your hands on your heart, and breath in and out softly, breathing and feel your magnificence. Feel your power within you, your strength and also your softness, your compassion for yourself and for other people, for your family and friends. We love to see your heart shining, as bright as thousand suns.

Believe in your strength and power, because you are divine, and divine wisdom is dwelling in you, every second of your life, and even before you came here on this planet earth. Bless yourself with your love. Bless yourself with your compassion. Bless yourself with your unconditional love for everything you have done in your life, especially if you feel it was not always the best thing to do.
There are always many ways to go and every way is the right one, to lead you to your mission. And we understand every step you take and we support you the best we can, and we guide you as much as you allow us to do.
You are loved beyond measure, remember that you are a divine child of God. You are the truth and the proof of a God’s child. Live your life in joy, in prosperity and in divine beautiful wisdom and love, that’s what you are, divine love – remember always what You Are!